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Level 1 is the Beginner Player

THE BEGINNER: A player that has zero to a low level of experience playing organized basketball (in a league). Although a beginner may show a high level of interest in basketball via playing recreationally with friends outside or at a gym, this player must grasp a deeper understanding of the rules of the game, the hierarchy of team basketball, and the environmental differences of organized basketball. The only requirement for a beginner level player is the desire to come to practice. Valencia Basket beginner level practices involve a trained coach that oversees and encourages players to learn the basic essentials to play organized basketball. A typical practice will incorporate ball handling drills - independently and partnered with another player, shooting drills, endurance drills and learning universal basketball plays for game play.

Commitment Level: attend practice twice a week Game Play: Va;encia Basket Administration generally assigns beginners to our recreational league (games once per week on Saturdays). However, some beginners may be encouraged to sit out of league play until a higher level of understanding or physical ability is reached via training and practices with the team. There is a playing time minimum for all players whom regularly attend practice and give their best effort.
Beginner-Beginner : Can dribble some with strong hand, Not able to use weak hand, weak footwork, weak form
Intermediate-Beginner: Dribbling better, starting to jab, start crossover,between the legs etc, footwork is better, form is better
Advanced-Beginner: Can make layups with both hands, stronger on crossover, between the legs move etc., can shoot jumpshots

Level 2 is the Intermediate Player

THE INTERMEDIATE PLAYER: A player that has moderate to a high level of experience playing organized basketball in leagues and/or tournaments. Although intermediate players may have years of experience playing organized basketball, often there is a physical or mental weakness that has not been addressed. For example, an intermediate player may have unbelievable athletic skills or physical attributes, but lacks overall basketball skills and/or IQ. The intermediate player generally has a true desire to improve and is motivated to work on their skills outside of team practices. Intermediate players are also motivated by the desire to play on their Middle or High School teams, and as middle school approaches, most intermediate players began to identify basketball as their primary sport. Valencia Basket intermediate level practices involve a trained coach that demands a higher level of intensity and utilizes more intricate and faster paced drills.

Commitment Level: practice twice a week as well as put individual time outside of Valencia Basket team practices.

Game Play: high level recreation leagues and/or weekend tournaments - Coaches place a higher emphasis on earning playing time.
Beginner-Intermediate: Starting to do double moves;crossover/between the legs etc., good defensive stance
Intermediate-Intermediate: Can make reverse layups right/left hand, Footwork is better, Faster on Jumpshot and step back
Advanced-Intermediate: Starting to apply higher level moves, Shoot off the dribble faster, start to finish at the rim, Ball IQ starting

Level 3 is the Advanced Player

THE ADVANCED/ELITE PLAYER: A player that has moderate to a high level of experience playing organized basketball in leagues and/or tournaments. Advanced/elite players have well-defined skills in one or multiple areas of the game while also possessing the physical and/or mental strengths that are essential to success. The advanced/elite player is self-motivated to play and/or train (independently or with a trainer) 4-7 days per week and at times may train or practice twice in one day without hesitation. Advanced/elite players are generally on the top team at their Middle or High School and have identified basketball as their primary sport. An advanced/elite player has an unconditional love for and commitment to the team, organization, and the game of basketball, but also understands the systematic concept of constantly earning his/her spot on the team and a spot on the court. Valencia Basket advanced/elite level practices involve a trained coach that demands the highest level of focus and intensity. Commitment Level: year-round team practices 1-2 per week, skills practice 1-2 per week Game Play: select leagues and/or 1-2 tournaments per month, with possible summer travel
Beginner-Advance: Understand defenses/offenses better, Start to have multiple counter moves against defender, strong ball handling
Intermediate-Advanced: Can see 2 to 3 moves ahead, Anticipate better on offense/defense
Advanced-Advanced: Ability to pick up anything easy, knows how to take over a game offense/defense, high basketball IQ

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