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Dimiris Kaletsios has began his career as an Assistant Basketball Coach at G.A. SPARTAKOS LARISA from September 2018 to November 2019. During this period, he excelled in creating and organizing comprehensive training plans, ensuring the smooth operation of the department through effective coordination, and actively participating in the organization of academy events. His commitment extended to actively contributing to the training process.

Transitioning to a Student Internship role at G.A. SPARTAKOS LARISA from December 2019 to February 2020, Dimiris focused on observing developmental age trainings, fine-tuning athletes' individual techniques, and conducting daily studies to address athletes' specific needs. His involvement extended to participating in the planning of training units, showcasing a holistic approach to coaching.

Continuing his journey, Dimiris took on the role of a Basketball Coach at G.A. SPARTAKOS LARISA from March 2020 to the present. In this capacity, he assumed the crucial responsibility of coaching all development departments within the academy. His dynamic contributions included planning and creating the annual training schedule, instilling sports behavior and mentality, and providing essential psychological support and motivation for athletes. Dimiris actively participated in international tournaments across Athens, Thessaloniki, Preveza, and Thessaly, demonstrating his commitment to a global perspective on sports.

Dimiris further showcased his coaching prowess in the Girls Team during the 2021-2022 season, achieving qualification to the reginal finals of Thessaly. Additionally, in the 2022-2023 season, he assumed the role of a Basketball Coach in the Children's Section, further underlining his dedication to the holistic development of young athletes.

Dimiris Kaletsios is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education Science and Sports at the University of Thessalia. Complementing his academic achievements, he pursued Applied Kinesiology in Armed Forces and its Security Bodies at the University of Thessalia. Currently in his third year of studies in the Department of Physical Therapy at the Metropolitan College, Larisa Campus, Dimiris combines academic rigor with practical coaching expertise.

Dimiris has actively pursued continuous learning and professional development, evident in his completion of a 12-hour Anti-Doping educational seminar titled "From Research to Application: An evidence-based psychosocial intervention in young athletes." He also participated in the KARDITSA Basketball Seminar 2019 organized by the Association of Greek Basketball Coaches.

His exposure extends to practical experiences, having attended various camps in Greece and abroad.

Additionally, Dimiris holds a European First Aid Diploma with approval from the European Reference Centre, further solidifying his commitment to the well-being and safety of athletes.

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