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Informant channel

It is the channel to communicate possible conduct indicated in Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of people who report regulatory infractions and the fight against corruption.
How does it work?

You select the “Informant Channel” section and a policy appears on the screen that you must read, understand and accept. Once accepted, you enter a form where you can provide information about the conduct that is contrary to the regulations. You can do this anonymously, so we will not collect any data. It is done through a system that allows absolute confidentiality. You will receive an identifier to check the status of your complaint in the “Follow up on a complaint” section. If you lose that identifier and you have filed the report anonymously, you will not be able to recover it. All complaints received will be studied and investigated.

We must all comply with the laws and regulations that regulate the activity of FUNDACION VALENCIA BASQUET 2000.

Integrity in the exercise of the activity of FUNDACION VALENCIA BASQUET 2000 is the responsibility of all the professionals of FUNDACION VALENCIA BASQUET 2000 and of all those third parties who collaborate with us. We want to transmit and demand loyal, diligent and efficient behavior and action from everyone to whom this channel is applicable.


These measures respond to the desire of FUNDACION VALENCIA BASQUET 2000 to deepen a corporate culture of regulatory respect.

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