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Location: Nafplio, Argolis (Greece)

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With 50 years of basketball presence to its credit, OIAX NAFPLIO is the most historic sports club of the city of Nafplio and the wider region of Argolis. With a common denominator, the sport of basketball has linked its name to the sports and social life of the city. At the same time, the organized effort continues to create infrastructure from which the new generation of athletes who will make up the teams will emerge. The academies and the promotion of children, both in terms of the area of basketball boundaries, and in society itself, is for us of primary importance and priority as we believe that a club cannot be understood without having in the bowels of its men's team, a body from the academies that produces.

In addition to the sporting successes, the club through coordinated actions such as voluntary blood donations, the organization of charity matches such as the strengthening of the city's Nursing Home, have managed to rally fans, basketball lovers, the local youth and the entire local community around it. The pursuit of the people of Oiakas is that the activities of the group are fully integrated into the social life of the city, offering health, joy, pleasure, success and social action through volunteering and sports. The ultimate vision is the promotion of the city through sports and noble rivalry.

In the last 8 years, OIAX NAFPLIO was declared

- Champion at the Men's C-Tier National Championship in  2016-2017
- Champion at the Men's B-Tier National Championship in 2017-2018

while the club participated in the A2-Tier National Men's Category during seasons 2019-2022

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